Sr. Marci Blum accepts the Lantern award in 2022 from executive director Megan Ruiz
2022 Lantern award winner Barb Day visits with a student and the student's daughter at the Lantern Center.


To honor our volunteers, we established the Outstanding Service Award in 2009. This award is presented to one or more individuals at our Volunteer Appreciation event.

Previous Years

2022 – Sr. Marci Blum and Barb Day

2020 – Eileen Mesler and Sr. Susan Ivis

2019 – Sharon Speckhard, Mary Toohey, Catherine Bastin and Dr. Julie Phillips

2017  – Mary Hoelscher and Larry Kruse

2016 – Mary Martens, BVM

2015 – Sr. Carol Ann Berte, OSF, and Pam Miller

2014 – Dianne Roche

2013 – Tom LoGuidice

2012 – Meghan Toohey and Sr. Rene Laubenthal

2011 – Sr. Carla Popes, PBVM, and Frank Reinert

2010 – Sr. James Marie Gross, PBVM, and Don Ruden

2009 – Sandy Amberg and Sr. Francesca Presseler, PBVM

Mary Martens, BVM – 2016