Who We Serve:
Since opening in 2002, The Presentation Lantern Center has welcomed over 1,000 adult immigrants from 69 countries. The Center welcomes all who would like to learn English or improve their current English language skills in the areas of: reading, writing, speaking or listening. Research shows that conversational English and befriending a native speaker of a language is one of the most effective ways to teach or learn a new language. It’s also more fun! This is where we excel and what sets us apart from other places in the tri-state area where adults can go to learn English. We also welcome any eligible adult (i.e., legal permanent resident) to prepare for their interview and study for their citizenship test with us. Our students, staff and volunteers work hard and have fun together as partners in the learning process for weeks, months and sometimes even years – often becoming life-long friends. Thorough relationship-building and hard work, we are proud that the more than 80 students who have studied for their citizenship test with us thus far have ALL passed their tests.