The light of a lantern can bring hope and courage when life seems  challenging. Volunteers at Presentation Lantern Center give a helping hand as tutors, board members, donors and partners. Many individuals give newcomers a friendly hand for navigating in a new culture.


  • — Become a tutor of English language learners.
  • — Assist a student in preparing for the U.S. Citizenship test.
  • — Assist newcomers in developing “life skills” in a new culture, such as cooking, shopping and direction-determining.
  • — Celebrate with students and other volunteers at social events.

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  • Professional Reference

  • General Acknowledgement

  • Concern for the welfare of children and those who work with them, mandates sound hiring and supervision practices. Therefore, we ask volunteers to please answer the following questions. Your response will remain confidential with the administration
  • Declaration

  • I hereby acknowledge that I have answered the questions truthfully and recognize that falsification of my responses can lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  • Note

  • Please email us at ( info@theLanternCenter.org ) if you do not hear from us within 72 hours of submitting your application.


To honor our volunteers, we established the Outstanding Service Award in 2009. Each year this award is presented to one or more individuals at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

2016 Honoree, Mary Martens, BVM

2015 Honorees, Sr. Carol Ann Berte, OSF, and Pam Miller

2014 Honoree, Dianne Roche

2013 Honoree, Tom LoGuidice

2012 Honorees, Meghan Toohey and Sr. Rene Laubenthal

2011 Honorees, Sr. Carla Popes, PBVM, and Frank Reinert

2010 Honorees, Sr. James Marie Gross, PBVM,  and Don Ruden

2009  Honorees, Sandy Amberg and Sr. Francesca Presseler, PBVM


Arlyn (left) gets creative and uses visuals to share new words with her student.

Larry (left) explores the map to learn more about the country of origin of  his student Kevin.

Statistics from 2018 3,365 hrs from 111 volunteers