Each person who comes to the Lantern Center has a unique story. Often these stories are shared as tutors and students become friends. Sometimes their stories are shared in our newsletters THE LANTERN.

Throughout the year we pause to celebrate events in the lives of people at the center. Since opening the Lantern Center in 2002, 70 individuals have studied for and passed the U.S. citizenship test. The center has worked with people from five continents and 59 different countries.

Kaoutar (Morocco), right, celebrated becoming a U.S. citizen with her tutor Mary Jean Gregory. The relationship formed between student and tutor is important in feeling welcomed as an immigrant to this country.

Above, Argaw from Ethiopia won the lottery of the US Immigration System to come to the United States, was granted a green card, established a six-year residency and passed the citizenship test.

Inna (right) moved from Ukraine to be near her daughter in Dubuque. While learning to navigate in a new country, she studied English at Presentation Lantern Center and passed the U.S. citizenship test.



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