Welcome to our Learning Resources!

We are so grateful to have you as part of the tutoring team.  We want you to be equipped with the tools that will help you help your student reach their learning goals.   Please check out the ProLiteracy link and follow up with the ESL Tutor training through our organization membership. If you do not have the membership number from an in-person Volunteer Orientation, please email JoLynn at JoLynn@thelanterncenter.org.   ProLiteracy also has many resources, tools, and ideas for lesson plans and creative teaching. 

We encourage you to also check out the student resources and have your students do so as well. NewsforYouOnline.org is a great resource for students to practice and listen to reading and to check reading comprehension based on current events. There are also resources for teachers for lesson planning with the news stories. 


Our many resources available  through ProLiteracy!

(It will ask you to create a free account.)

A great article on cell-phone tutoring, from our friends at ProLiteracy.


NJ provides links to digital tutorials for volunteers new to digital tutoring programs.

MN Literacy has many tutor and student materials that can be downloaded for various ESL levels, and Citizenship.


    News for You Online
    “Log in” and enter 71BB8E.

Easy World of English.

English Language Training (Cambridge).

Fun way to learn new vocab.
every right answer helps end hunger.

Sounds of Speech website,
provides a comprehensive understanding of how each of the speech sounds. 


Find ESL & EFL teaching opportunities available around the world.

Free 10-minute Facebook Live lessons for Spanish speakers.